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TV Ad Promotion

Imagine your Book Video Trailer being showcased on a popular Christian Internet TV Network, reaching up to 125,000 viewers per month. Our TV Ad Promotion service offers a highly targeted approach to connecting with your desired audience.

The Pastor Sean Condran Office TV Network, a joint project based in the USA, brings together friends and supporters to deliver the best in inspirational content through spoken words on their TV network. With easy access on Roku, viewers can enjoy the network’s programming on their desktop or in-home TV at any time.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to promote your Book Video Trailer and captivate a large, dedicated audience through the power of television advertising.


 Our network features a diverse range of engaging content that caters to the spiritual and entertainment needs of our audience. We broadcast the best classic old-time Christian TV shows and movies, alongside daily and weekly dynamic sermons delivered by Spirit-filled men and women of God from around the world.

Tune in to our TV network for a captivating blend of timeless entertainment and inspiring messages that will uplift your spirit and enrich your faith journey.

What you will get: