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The Game of Love/Life: Illuminating Your Own by Ronald Raymond Rocha/Eduarda A. Rocha 

The Game of Love/Life, a time travelers sojourn through heaven and hell, is a compilation of unique essays and poems received through meditationmomentarily entertaining data (inspired thoughts) and activating transcendental insight one needs and nurtures. Here, within this treatise, the inquisitive soul will explore the depths of the mind, manifesting illusions, nurturing deities, divine entities (minds) intuitively traversing illusion, experienced sympathetically (through their heart). To understand todays game of love/life, you need to be technically savvy to the language, logically arranging notions, generating understanding among gifted entities. Everyone is gifted, given inspired feelings that enlighten deities to truth and transcendental revelation unveiled to humanstime-traveling souls utilizing biological vehicles to explore the game of love/life. Within this lexicon of old words, new perspectives of truth and wisdom will raise your consciousness to experience your own epiphanies of truth that are held within your heart and that nurture your curious mind.


Queen Vernita Conquers the Volcanic Islands by Dr. Dawn Menge

The Queen of the Land of Quails is preparing to travel to the mysterious Volcanic Islands to meet twelve of her wonderful new friends. After she leaves her loyal subjects in charge of keeping her castle safe from harm for the next year, Queen Vernita boards a boat and heads out on her latest adventure. The Queen’s first stop is to visit her friend Nicole at the black sand beach at the bottom of a beautiful valley where she learns all about the hawksbill sea turtles and Hawaiian monk seal. Her journey takes her to a new place every month, where she explores volcanoes, pink and orange sand beaches, walks along the hot lava, scuba dives under the sea, and learns about all the flora and fauna that call the islands their home. Along the way, the Queen meets many amazing new friends who are each special in their own way. https://www.drdawnmenge.com


The Closed Door by Robert Oman

The disappearance of nearly two billion people in the near future will set into motion a series of devastating events that are presented in chronological order. The Closed Door takes the reader on a step-by-step journey through end-time prophetic scriptures that ultimately ends in the formation of three eternal realms – the New Heaven, the New Earth and the Lake of Fire. Before life’s door closes, your relationship with Jesus will determine which realm you will occupy for eternity.

Occassions of Sin by John Gehl

Originally from the South Bronx, John Martin Gehl attended Regis High School in Manhattan before going to the University of Toronto and the Georgia Institute of Technology. He has lived in San Francisco and Atlanta, and has worked in publishing and information technology. He lives in Canton, Georgia, just north of Atlanta and close to the fictional city of Wisdom.